iGPSPORT HR60 Armband Heart Rate Monitor PhotoElectric


PPG︱Armband︱17g︱20 hrs | USB Rechargeable

40-240BPM︱Bluetooth & ANT︱LED

Thanks to the advanced PPG photoelectric measurement technology and algorithm, the validity and accuracy of the heart rate data are guaranteed by HR60.

Convenient and comfortable to wear HR60 on arm via its soft fabric armband Check your real-time heart rate data easily on bike computers or, a smartphone while cycling or running.

Support sync the real-time heart rate data to the main device for analyzing training data, checking training effect, setting training plan, and maintaining a good training state while running, cycling, or walking.

Pink LED flashes slowly ≤ 130BPM
Blue LED flashes slowly > 130BPM &&≤160BPM
Red LED flashes slowly > 160BPM

RFQ - B2B Only
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