Who are we?

Everyone is conscious about fitness, but who really cares! More people are trying to move into a healthy lifestyle and fitness while they lack proper planning, goal-based milestones. If you’re cycling for 40-50 minutes daily, what are you achieving? The major problem everyone faces today, what results come with realtime tracking of our activity.

EMK Sports got your back. EMK Sports is a fitness accessories brand, dealing in a wide range of products including GPS cycling computers, sports, and fitness equipment, bike accessories. Our products go to high-end in quality and low-end in cost.

We, at EMK Sports, care about your fitness performance and milestones. As a conscious brand, we value our customers with the quality and cost-effectiveness of our products.

EMK Sports is registered trademark of EMK Sports Ltd.

Why Us?

EMK Sports is an authorized UK distributor of iGPSPORT, a premium cycling computer brand. In the UK, only EMK Sports is reaching you with iGPSPORT’s extraordinary products.

To bring you in trust, EMK Sports is the UK registered trademark. EMK Sports Ltd, company is registered in the UK under Company registration number: 12575905 and VAT number: GB 347827857.

Our Mission

EMK Sports looks to make scientific exercise, fitness goals accessible and efficient to everyone. We want to serve our customers with the best available cycling fitness accessories and tracking solutions.